Defensive Driving Course

5Defensive Driving Course

*Note: This course is a bring your own car course

Our Defence Driving Courses are designed to provide post licence driver training awareness, skill levels and assess attitude.
Over the day we will cover a combination of theoretical and practical driving sessions conducted at normal road speeds. Our Defence Driving Course is suitable for young drivder (learners) right up to experienced drivers. Some of the course activities included are:

9am Arrival and sign in.
9:30am Half hour Lecture.
10am Commence on track activities

  • Circuit training
  • Wet ABS and Non ABS braking exercise
  • Dry emergency lane change exercise
  • Driving whilst texting exercise
  • Safe following distance demonstration
  • Braking demonstration

Please bring along some light refreshments as morning tea will be taken
throughtout the session.

1pm Departure from the Performance Driving Centre