Welcome to The Performance Driving Centre – Australia’s leading Advanced Driver Training Facility

Based on the Gold Coast, the Performance Driving Centre caters for
drivers of all ages and experience levels – from pre-license
teenagers through to CAMS race license testing.

The first step towards driver safety is learning the best driving
techniques and attitudes. The statistics relating to road trauma in
Australia, but especially Queensland is alarming:

  • 100 fatalities per year on Queensland roads are young
  • drivers
  • 80% of those are male
  • 2000 young Queenslanders are hospitalised as a result of injury in
  • road accidents
  • 75% of accidents in Queensland are caused by young
  • drivers

A course at the Performance Driving Centre can arm you with the
skills to assist in avoiding accidents, the associated repair bills
and insurance premiums.

The time and money taken to complete an Advanced Driver Training
Course is a small investment to develop what could save your life,
your family’s lives or the lives of others.

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1DriveSafe Course$230.00

This level offers participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge and their driving technique. It focuses on:

  • vehicle balance,
  • smoothness and mentally ‘switching on’ in a crisis,
  • controlled braking,
  • hazard perception and
  • cornering lines.

For further details please see the DriveSafe Course Overview.


2DriveSafe Course (Advanced)$550.00

Full day course to run on Sunday the 20th March starting at 9am
This covers more specialised and in-depth training. It offers;

  • continued technique instruction,
  • including evasive lane change exercises and threshold breaking,
  • skid pan training that focuses on skid control and vehicle dynamics such as the perception and control of understeer,
  • oversteer recovery training, which is conducted using the Centre’s unique vehicle turntable.

For further details please see the DriveSafe Course (Advanced) Overview.


3DriveSafe Course (Premium)$770.00

Participants in this course must hold a DriveSafe Advanced Certificate. Training is much more advanced and is:

  • carried out in a more powerful training car
  • most activities are also done at greater speeds than an Advanced Course.
  • This particular course can be tailored to suit the individual’s requirements.

For further details please see the DriveSafe Course (Premium) Overview.


4CAMS Motorsport Course$1,200.00

The skills needed for motorsport racing are based on a fundamental technique which can be taught by experienced, qualified instructors. The Driving Centre is proud to be an endorsed service provider for CAMS competition licence applicants.

For further information on the CAMS services we offer please see the CAMS Motorsport Course Overview.


5Defensive Driving Course$179.00

*Note: This course is a bring your own car course

Our Defensive Driving Courses are designed to provide post license driver training awareness and assess skill levels and attitude.
Over the course of the day we will cover a combination of theoretical and practical driving sessions conducted at normal road speeds. Our Defence Driving Course is suitable for young drivers (learners) right up to experienced drivers. Some of the course activities included are:

  • Circuit training
  • Wet ABS and Non ABS braking exercise
  • Dry emergency lane change exercise
  • Driving whilst texting exercise

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