DriveSafe Course (Advanced)

2DriveSafe Course (Advanced)

The Advanced DriveSafe Course at the Performance Driving Centre is for those looking for a more thorough expansion on their driving ability at an advanced level.

It is perfect for those who drive for a living – such as sales representatives, delivery drivers, field technicians etc.

This is a full-day program that combines all elements of the DriveSafe course, with more specific hands-on exercises and progression to skid control and prevention.

Technique Training Includes:-

  • Driver posture and stability
  • General road issues
  • Control techniques e.g. steering
  • Safety zones
  • Information intake
  • Controlled relaxation
  • Cornering paths
  • Instructor to student ratio = 1:2

Additional skills training includes:

  • Skidpan time to address non-ABS braking
  • Training on the “Brush and Bury Technique” (skidpan)
  • Basic vehicle dynamics training (skidpan)
  • Continued technique development (circuit)
  • ABS and emergency braking (circuit)

The afternoon segment of the program focuses on revision and refinement of those techniques taught in the morning across both the circuit and skidpan. After further emergency braking exercises, an evasive lane change and recovery exercise is performed.

This then leads into turntable training for oversteer training and how to avoid both oversteer and understeer.

After lunch, circuit training commences, this time in an anti-clockwise direction and includes the revision of material covered in the morning. Basic technique is refined and developed with each student during the afternoon.

Skid Pan training addresses understeer control and prevention, again, each car is allocated a specific time for this activity.

Circuit training continues with development of the technique with the introduction of braking exercises. This segment covers emergency braking over a range of speeds as well as ABS braking. All the training cars then assemble on the straight for an evasive lane change and recovery exercise.

This is followed by oversteer training using the Centre’s unique “Slide Simulator” the Turntable. Unique to The Driving Centre, this device simulates the loss of control experienced in a rear end skid. Guests are advised what causes oversteer and understeer, and how, by using their technique, to avoid such situations.

Training concludes with an overview on correct following distances and braking physics before a closing presentation to round out the course.

With a lower participant to instructor ratio, this is the perfect platform to develop your driver training skills. All activities are conducted within the confines of the Performance Driving Centre.

For organisations that employ drivers professionally, this program can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and your vehicles can be incorporated by discussion.


The course runs for one day, commencing at 8.30am and concluding at 4.30pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.