DriveSafe Course (Premium)

3DriveSafe Course (Premium)

The Premium Drivesafe Course has been designed for any driver with professional and performance driving applications, ie. driver training instructor, police, ambulance, fire officer, security officer, chauffer, courier, stunt performer or taxi driver.

It is also the first major step towards becoming a racecar driver.

To participate in the Premium Drivesafe course, guests must have completed the Advanced Drivesafe course within three months prior.
A range of activities can be added to tailor the course for guests with specific requirements. For example, a limousine driver might want to cover a smooth stopping technique on top of the various other aspects of the course, or a potential racecar driver may wish to focus on specific skill sets surrounding that.

Exercises are conducted at faster speeds and in a more powerful vehicle
Following on from a refresh on skills learnt during the Advanced course, guests move onto a V8 SS Commodore to refine their techniques and expand into other activities, such as:

  • Heel and Toe Down Change
  • Dry Lane Change (at increased speeds)
  • Dry Lane Change with Evasive Manoeuvres
  • Advanced Wet ABS Braking Exercises
  • Advanced Dry ABS Braking Exercises
  • Wet Lane Change (at increased speeds)
  • Wet Lane Change with Evasive manoeuvres
  • Instructor to student ratio = 1:2
Circuit training continues after lunch, this time in an anticlockwise direction in an SS manual training car. Techniques incorporate;

  • brush and bury,
  • A.B.S. braking technique –
    • on dry circuit
    • in the braking lanes and
    • on the back straight.
  • Skid Pan training addresses understeer control and prevention,
  • with the addition of power induced oversteer.

The Premium Drivesafe program is the best way to take the next step into becoming a professional driver.


The course runs for one day, commencing at 8.30am and concluding at 4.30pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.