We may not like to admit it but learning what’s needed to pass our driving licence test is just the beginning of what we really need to know to be safe on the roads.

For most of us, that is the extent of dedication we will put into the task, in terms of really practising those skills. That is, until we lose our licence for some reason, or need to pass the test again when we are old!

Going to a defensive driving school and learning how to stay out of trouble is a really good investment, no matter whether you are just beginning your journey as a driver, or have been driving for years.

Doing a course at a defensive driving school makes you more than just a steering wheel attendant – it puts you in control so you can learn how to avoid trouble before it happens.

You’ll work with qualified experienced instructors in a relaxed environment, at your own pace. With a mix of theory and practice, the defensive driving school team will help you come to grips with what you need to know to keep yourself and other road users safe.

At the Gold Coast defensive driving school, located at the Performance Driving Centre at Norwell on the Gold Coast the curriculum includes learning how the car works (vehicle dynamics) in both safe and risky situations, and what you can do inside your ‘office’ so you have more control – think seating, steering and vision.

You will learn the correct way to brake, whether you have a car with ABS or one without. You will learn how to identify potentially risky situations and how the car will react to them, what causes a skid and how you can either prevent it before it happens or control it, if you can’t avoid it.

A defensive driving school course will also teach you about the importance of your own attitude, behaviour and awareness in keeping yourself safe. It’s amazing what a difference being proactive, rather than reactive, can be.

Across a day of tuition at the defensive driving school, you will become more aware of what can happen when you drive fast and how difficult it can be to control your vehicle as your speed increases. Importantly, though, you will leave with a greater understanding of all the elements that are involved to being a safer driver.

Having those extra skills, being more aware about your responsibility and behaviour on the road, will not only keep you safe, but also the people who travel with you and other road users. Investing in a defensive driving school course is an investment for life.

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