DriveSafe Course

1DriveSafe Course

Norwell Motorplex’s DriveSafe Course is the perfect starting point for those inexperienced with driving or those looking to expand their driving ability.

Learn how to drive safely in everyday situations. In this one day course you’ll gain valuable skills for on the road in safe learning conditions. 

We cater for new drivers right through to experienced drivers looking to improve their mindset. 

The course combines skidpan time, with ABS braking techniques on a simulated wet road, turntable activities and general driving techniques. Each participant has ample time to practice and refine the skills being taught.

Overview and Benefits of a DriveSafe Course:

•  The course covers both Safe Driving theory and practical lessons.

• The theory session is kept to approx 30 minutes in order to retain concentration and avoid information overload!

• The course is designed to give participants maximum driving practice on the day.

• The professional instructor to student ratio is 3:1. This allows for participants to receive maximum driving practice and instruction.

• The turntable exercise is designed (with instructor assistance) to throw a vehicle into a deliberate skid – we do not teach students how to get into slides or skids. 

• The students only learn corrective and recovery techniques not how to get into trouble.

• The facilities hold a 100% safety record. 

Technique Training Includes:

  • Driver posture and stability
  • General road issues
  • Control techniques e.g. steering
  • Safety zones
  • Information intake
  • Dangers of driving with a mobile phone 
  • Controlled relaxation
  • Cornering paths
  • Instructor to student ratio = 1:3

Vehicles and lunch is supplied by Norwell Motorplex. 

The entire course is conducted within the confines of Norwell Motorplex located 20 minutes from the Gold Coast and 30 minutes from Brisbane. 

The next course is Tuesday 20th March 2018. 

$375.00 per person

Course starts at 9am and concludes at 3pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.