Someone wise once said there are two things in life we will never own up to… being a lousy lover, or a dreadful driver.
Of course, if we are prepared to admit to one or the other of these, there is always something we can do to improve. Going to a defensive driving school like the Performance Driving Centre is a move in the right direction if you want to be a better driver.

Make Yourself A Better Driver with Defensive Driving.

The first step toward driver safety is learning the best driving techniques and defensive driving schools like the Performance Driving Centre on the Gold Coast offers a wide range of driving courses that will give individual drivers access to the training solutions they need.
The Performance Driving Centre facility, also offers corporate packages for companies that want staff members to improve their driving skills. The Perfomance Drving School is your ideal Gold Coast Conference Centre.

None of us would ever get into a plane with an inexperienced pilot, so why get into a car with an inexperienced driver – or be one ourselves?
In most cases, passing the driving test is just a start to getting out on the road. None of us can ever predict what other drivers are going to do and Australia’s road toll suggests most of us have much more to learn if we want to keep our families and ourselves safe. Going to the Gold Coast’s leading defensive driving school the  Performance Driving Centre is part of the answer.

Teaching a range of life-saving skills for drivers of all ages and all ability levels, from teenagers who have yet to gain their licence, through to CAMS race licence testing, the Performance Driving Centre is where you can hone your driving skills, defensive driving schools are the only place to improve your driving.

According to the experienced instructors at the Performance Driving Centre the first step towards driver safety is learning the best driving techniques and attitudes.

Courses start with the basics, for those who are inexperienced drivers or who are aware they need to expand their driving ability. It’s a half-day session, which also makes it a perfect breakout to a company conference at Performance Driving Centre.

Topics covered include driver posture and stability, general road issues, control techniques such as steering and cornering paths, information intake and controlled relaxation.

They’re skills that will help drivers avoid accidents and the associated repair bills and increase in insurance premiums. More importantly, the time and money invested with Defensive driving at the Performance Driving Centre means learning how to avoid accidents and get out of trouble – skills that could help save your life, or the lives of others.

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