DriveSafe Course (Advanced)

Motorsport Training Course

Ever aspired to become a race car driver? Or need some advanced training before you hit the track for that first big race-meet?

Roll into Norwell Motorplex, on the Gold Coast, today and learn the skills of a professional race car driver with one of our fully CAMS qualified, race instructors all with experience in national circuit racing categories.

This one-on-one, category-tailored, motorsport training program is available 5 days a week and includes state-of-the-art comparison models as employed by our Supercar team.

This includes driving telemetry and in-car video reviews, which uses in-car video to overlay your data with the instructors, to help establish where a driver is losing out on precious seconds around the circuit.

By program’s end, an extensive review of data is again conducted, going through the finer points of Motorsport in terms of maximising speed and correct technique. All aspects of motor racing will be covered, including steering, braking, identifying perfect racing lines and maximising the potential of the race car. All data analysis and driving footage will be stored directly on a USB stick for you to take home and review more thoroughly.

Certificate presentation and de brief with instructor on completion.

The course runs for three hours and includes vehicles. 
Booking essential. 
$1,200.00 per person.